8 Foods You Must Absolutely Avoid Before Flying

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Though flying is a convenient way of getting around places but it can be a stressful experience if certain flight etiquettes are not practiced. What you consume before you are all set to fly decides how you’ll feel in the air. I have seen some people eating and drinking incessantly at the airport cafes moments before boarding which later leads to bloating, stomach aches or worse, dehydration; discomfort and not very pleasant flight.

Here is our list of top eight foods to avoid before boarding a plane:-

1) Beans
You obviously won’t want to be feeling gaseous and bloated throughout your flight. Avoid anything made with beans, broccoli, and cabbage as they contain naturally indigestible sugars that lead to onboard bloating. Stay away from beans for a good 12 hours before flying.


Beans (Source: www.mentalfloss.com)

2) Carbonated Beverages
Tiny bubbles that are visible in any carbonated drink or beer expand in your stomach when the air pressure changes resulting in bloating or heartburn. Plus soda causes flatulence and caffeine in drinks may prevent you from napping and frequent trips to the restroom. Not a good idea!

Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated Beverages (Source: www.refluxmd.com)

3) French Fries
Can’t resist the smell of fries at McDonald’s airport outlet? Well, foods rich in trans-fats and salts can lead to water retention in body and thus make your feet swell. Also, the oils in fried stuff can cause heartburns.

French Fries

French Fries (Source: www.premier-dermatology.com)

4) Alcohol
Not just an alcoholic drink leaves you with bad breath but also keeps you dehydrated and so does the aircraft while you are up there. Shun the idea of having a pint at the airport bar for a calm journey.


Alcohol (Source: www.eithical.org.au)

5) Cheese and Meat Burgers
The fat in meat can give your digestive system a hard time processing as for some it’s difficult to assimilate meat. Refrain from burgers or wraps with extra or processed cheese 4-5 hours before flight.

Cheese and Meat Burgers

Cheese and Meat Burgers (Source: www.dailymail.co.uk)

6) Garlic
Ok, so we all know the pungent smell in Garlic can be utterly discomforting to yourself and your seatmates. The last thing you would want to do is to share the body odor with those sitting next to you.


Garlic (Source: www.bbcgoodfood.com)

7) Coffee
Though it more than often seems tempting to grab a pick-me-up quick cup of coffee but not just the drink leaves you sleep deprived and dehydrated but can play some issues with your bladder. Sip on juices instead.


Coffee (Source: www.thinkinc.org.au)

8) Hot Peppers
Relish the spicy treats when you land but not on or before the flight as it may interfere annoyingly with your bladder leaving you taking trips to the restroom. This is one of the foods to avoid before flying.

Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers (Source: www.epicurious.com)

Foods you should eat before flying:-
→ Foods with low or no salt like fresh fruits
→ Herbal Tea
→ Oranges
→ Yoghurt with natural probiotics
→ Lots of water/Lemon water
→ Lean protein as nuts, chicken sandwich
→ Smoothies
→ Full meal as cold pasta

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