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British Airways Tickets to Accra

You would love to fly with British Airways as the airline is one of the greatest in the world. The airline is renowned for its excellent onboard facilities and remarkable ground handling services. It is a pleasure to fly with such as great airline. As the flag carrier of the United Kingdom, it comes as a first choice to any traveler wishing to board from an United Kingdom airport. For many it is a convenient option to fly with the flag carrier and save greatly on the travel time.


With a direct tickets to your Accra destination, you can also avoid making a stop at a hub airport and waiting unnecessarily for transfer. So, it is indeed a good idea to fly with British Airways. If you are still not convinced then there is one more reason to book British Airways Accra tickets from London. You can get a flight deal at a much reduced price from the normal. Not sure where you can get the same! Call Hoodaki right away.


Book Accra Air tickets in British Airways with Hoodaki


Hoodaki is an ideal company to seek a cheap air tickets solution with British Airways. Our long experience in the United Kingdom travel industry and good relationships with numerous international airlines are a big help for us. The expertise of our travel agents and the huge database we have maintained online are adding more to our competence in this regard. Travelers from the United Kingdom have come to believe in us. Our hard work is finally paying us as we are now able to give our clients what exactly they need.


So, you have a good chance to book British Airways London to Accra tickets at low costs. Give us a call anytime you like and allow us to book a affordable air tickets for you. Our travel deal will meet your expectations. Moreover, you are offered an easy access to our customer service. For change in travel dates or similar issues, you are free to give us a call anytime after the flight has been booked. We will cater to all you requests promptly and without a grudge.


Places to See in Accra


Some of the places in Accra which you must see while you are here may include the following.


1) Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park: The Park is dedicated to the first president of the country. He is also regarded as the greatest political leader of Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is a great place to relax and have fun.


2) Labadi Beach: Accra is known for good beaches also. Labadi Beach is one of these beaches. The beach is where two of the most expensive resorts of the city ? La Palm and La Badi Beach are located. Visitors can also find amenities like café, souvenir vendors, and restaurants. 


3) National Museum: If you are interested in learning the Ghanaian culture and history, then the National Museum of Accra is a great place to do so. The museum is repository of artifacts and a variety of other objects such as paintings, carvings, clothing and pottery. 


4) Osu Castle: A monument built by the Danes in the seventeenth century, Osu Castle is still relevant in the Ghanaian polity. It is currently being used as the seat of the government.

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