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Situated in northern China Beijing is a proud capital of the country and Flights to Beijing booked from is the way to reach there. Along with the national capital this city is political, cultural as well as economical capital of the country. This city is a perfect destination to spend your holiday and because of that only it faces visitor flock every year.

More importantly, visitors need not to think before searching Beijing Flights as this is the city is all time tourists favorite. There is more than hundred tourist sport in this city which includes historical, entertaining, pleasant sight. London to Beijing flights assures you something new with every visit.

Easiest and simplest way to plan your tour to Beijing is getting your flight booked via They take care of each and every minute necessity of travelers in the course of journey. In fact, they are not just about the journey they take care of your accommodation along with pick up. So no matter when you plan your cheap flights to Beijing, is always there to help you out.

Why go?

Haven’t booked Flights to Beijing yet? Then you are deprived of so called perfect tour. This city has much to offer you and all of them are waiting for you to explore. Top must visit destination of the great city are as follows:

Forbidden City: Once you land from the flights to Beijing from London than very first place to start your journey is the Forbidden City. This place is filled with unexpected mystery at every step you take. The city consist of around 9000 rooms, it was built during 14 centuries, but was burnt down because of clashes. Now you can find a renovated and improved version of the Forbidden City.

Tiananmen: Think of China... no wonder image of Tiananmen will flash in your mind for sure. Build in the heart of China this place symbolizes China. Tiananmen Square is surrounded by awesome places in all its four corners. Coming to this location will give you memories more than you had expected.

Temple of Heaven: This holy place is attracting tourist for more than 5 centuries. Also, this is the place where Kungfu and taiii is inherited from one generation to another. These temples symbolize ‘forces of Nature’. Cheap flights to Beijing from UK is easily available with the

The Great Wall: Rare are the people who are not aware of the Great Wall of China. Beijing houses eight major section of the wall, including Badaling, Juyongguan, Huanghuacheng, Jiankou, mutiny, Gubeikou, Jinshanling and Simatai. Most section of the city is preserved as a memory of the great era of huge construction. Catch Direct flights to Beijing and be an eyewitness of the Seven Wonders of the World.

When to go?

The climate of the city is highly influenced by continental weather which gives it hot and humid summers and cold and dry winters. September and October are considered as the best time to visit this place. Temperature in summer exceeds 35 °C (95°F) and in winter falls down −10 °C (14°F). Once you book land your feet to this divine place than temperature will not be a hurdle in your journey. So book your Beijing flights all throughout the year via with full ease.

What's on?

Cheap flights to Beijing booked from will land you to a place where there are hundreds of places to explore and thousands of things to do. The Forbidden City, The temple of Heaven, The Great Wall of China, Tian’anmen Square, The Hutongs, Beihai Park, Yonghe lama temple are some of the incredible places of the city. The Beijing Opera show is a gem, the impeccable costumes, unmatchable style reflect China. Refresh your mind by seeing a huge variety of souvenirs and old crafts in the outdoor markets of the Beijing. Kungfu Show… a must watch event organized to spend a free night. The acrobatic show in Chaoyang Theatre is a breathtaking routine of flexibility involving ballet, bikes, human strength, jumping hoops, rotating plates, chairs, and umbrellas. Cheap Beijing flights are available with so book your flight to this magnetizing city. 

What to do?

Beijing transport is an example of developed and efficient form of public transport. Public transport in this city includes subways, buses and taxis. The city is on the way to become the largest subway system of the planet. And the whole development is extended in the recent year. Subways are the fastest and the most convenient way of public transport in the city. Olympic Games 2008 have also aided in the rapid development of the city. So book Last Minute Flights to Beijing and enjoy this pleasant city of comfortable transport facility. 


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