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Book cheap flights to Cairo and experience one of the biggest cities in the Middle East, known for its vibrant places such magnificent Nile, incredible pyramids, beautiful parks and garden. The city is known for the peerless Islamic sights in Egypt. Flights to Cairo will show you some of the rare view of Pharaonic, Coptic, immaculate monuments. It have something you cannot experience anywhere in the world else Cairo. The crystal clear water of Nile River appears brighter in Cairo. There are plenty of cinema halls, theatres and modern malls helping visitors to enjoy each and every minute of their holiday tour. Are you a lover of splendid art and culture of the Egyptians than London to Cairo flights are the one for you. The age of modernization made this ancient city semi- metropolis as well as semi-rural. helps its customer to catch Flights to Cairo from London without taking much of their efforts. Our experience made us expert of booking cheap and secure flights for our customer. We not only help our customers to catch flight for their destination, but also help them to pick up, accommodation and travel insurance facility for our customer. 

Why go?

This fascinating city offers number of reason to its visitors to book Flights to Cairo and a few of them are as follows:

Pyramids and the Sphinx: London to Cairo travel is incomplete without a visit to the Pyramids and several ancient monuments at the nearby location of Giza to gawk. The unforgettable historical view of the place makes it a crowded irrespective of the weather condition.

Egyptian Museum: ‘Are you a Lover of ancient things?’ than you cannot ignore this museum from your list to visit in Cairo. It was open in 1902 and  consists of Egyptian style mummies, jewels, and decorative architecture from ancient ages.

Bab Zuweila Gate: Bab Zuweila is the only gate remained from the southern wall that bordered the market of the old city. It reminds the people of Cairo the city’s ancient origins. Cheap flights to Cairo from UK are available with Hoodaki to plan your budget trip.

When to go?

The weather of Cairo is moderate, mainly it experiences two seasons per year: Winter which last from November to April and scorching summer which last from May to October. The temperature ranges from 36C to 21C throughout the year. The highest temperature is noted during the summer while the lowest temperature is noted in winter. The cold breezes of the Nile River helps a lot to overcome the hottest of the summer. Book Cheap Cairo flights from and experience how beautiful the city can be all throughout the year.

What's on?

This magnetizing city is the perfect combination of ancient culture with modern lifestyle. In your London to Cairo tour, you will find this place filled with history, monuments, symbols and so forth. The sight of pyramid, museum with Egyptian style mummies and felucca ride on the Nile symbolizes Cairo from centuries. Art galleries, top music venues, happening nightlife have given Cairo a modern look. Visitors can find street shopping from ancient Khan-el Khalili Bazaar to completely western shopping malls all in one city. Direct flights to Cairo are available with, so plan your instant journey to the city with us.

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What to do?

The popular mode of transport used by the local people of the Cairo is Metro, Bus, Taxi, Bicycle, Train and car hire. The Metro offers a fast means of transport to the passengers, the metro lines are clean and efficient. Bus services reach all throughout the city. Car hire is the safe and comfortable means to reach at the destination. If the weather is pleasant and you want to examine the city closely then you can also go for the paid bicycle service. Always trust for Last Minute Flights to Cairo.


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