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Trust to book Cheap Dhaka flights at any point of time. The dedicated services of the company help its customers to simplify their journey. When talking about London to Dhaka travel then, this city is certainly more than a travel destination to its visitors. With a population of over 18 million people, the city is the host of several Muslim pilgrims, beautiful garden and amusement park. The beautiful rickshaw adds color to the city, in fact the city is known as the “Rickshaw Capital of the World” as over 400,000 of rickshaw runs on the Dhaka street every day.

You may not fall for the charm of the city at first glance, but sooner or later you will find this city is a blend of art and intellect, devotion and venom, passion and ignorance. Direct flights to Dhaka will showcase you the reality of the life. The tourists in Dhaka are treated with respect and people of the city are open for the help all the time. Flights booked from in Dhaka are comfortable as well as safe. It’s a better idea to go for an accommodation option along with car pick up and drop facility if you are traveling in the city for the first time. Get London to Dhaka flights any time without any hassle.

Why go?

The city has many tourist attractions, which are pleasant to the eyes and a few of them will really force you to book Flights to Dhaka:

Chawk Mosque, Dhaka, Bangladesh, situated in the Chowk Bazaar area. Originally this mosque is built over a raised platform which now transformed into a multi-storied. The three domed mosque is now transformed into a multi-storied structure. Last Minute Flights to Dhaka is available with

Jatiyo Smriti Soudho Savar, Dhaka: The memorial is built by the Moinul Hossain and is dedicated to the million of unknown martyrs of the 1971 War of Liberation.

Ramna Park: This beautiful park is located in the heart of Dhaka. This part is among the most pleasant places of Dhaka. Flights to Dhaka from London is all you need to feel the freshness of the park.

National Museum: The excellent National Museum will help you to have a brief knowledge of the Bangladesh. Staring from the geological formation of the country to the rich tradition and culture, the museum has it all. To visit his museum all you need is to book Dhaka flights with 

When to go?

The weather of the city is subtropical which makes the city hot and humid during summer, which extends for a period of April- September and during winter the city turns into the drier and cooler during October- March. For tourist belonging to the colder county's winter is the best time for them to book Flights to Dhaka.

What's on?

Dhaka flights will take you to a city which is crucial from the prospective of history and culture. The settlement of the city dates from around 7TH centuries. The area was under the influence of the Buddhist kingdom of Kamarupa and Pala Empire and after than the control of the city was passed to the Hindu Sena dynasty in the 9th century. Soon after this, The Islamic Mughal Empire seized control of the city and turned it into a center of trade and governance. During this course the city is blessed with several great monuments. In the year 1971, with the liberation war of Bangladesh, Dhaka was declared as the country’s capital. Post independence the city is the cultural, educational, commercial and industrial capital of the city. But the gap between rich and poor can be seen in the country. Cheap flights to Dhaka from UK are the best way to plan your journey to this city. 

What to do?

Once you land from the Cheap Dhaka flights, booked from the You will find that the transport system of the Dhaka is not very much developed. The common mode of transport which local used for to and fro on a daily basis is: Auto-rickshaws, tom-toms, rickshaws. Auto-rickshaws are the convenient way to travel in case you are aware with the routes of the city. While tom-toms are slow but the cheapest mode of transport here. The rickshaws are the most common way to transportation medium of the city.


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