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Book Flights to Guangzhou and experience the lavish lifestyle, mind-blowing meal, liberal living in the prosperous metropolis of China. Located around the south coastline of China, this tremendous city is easily accessible to the port of Hong Kong and Macau. It is the political, economical, scientific, educational as well as the cultural capital of the Guangdong area. Several reforms and revolution which started from the city changed the fate of the China forever.  Now it is the center of tourism, commerce, finance and cuisine of the country, China. A trip from London to Guangzhou will lead you to a totally amazing place. The Five Ram Statue in Yuexiu Park, Pearl River and White Cloud Mountain are some of the amazing destinations of the city. It is famous by the name ‘City of Flower’, this Flowery Pagoda provides a wonderful trip to its visitors.

The simplest and easiest way to reach this city of flower is to book Cheap Guangzhou flights with the help of We provide excellent deal to accomplish your journey from London to Guangzhou. Our services are not just confined with your journey; we take care of your accommodation, pick up and travel insurance as well. is the overall solution to your dream journey.

Why go?

Flights to Guangzhou will take you to the place which is fit for the every traveler irrespective of its age and mood as this city has it all. Guangzhou is a well known city of China and is world famous because of its unique blend of cuisine and foreign trade. The city is not only a proud host of dynamic shopping mall and skyscrapers, but of great culture and history. A few must visit places of this city are:

The Pearl River: A night walk near the Pearl River of the China is an awesome idea. The pleasant breeze of freshness and nearby environment is awesome. The Pearl River is the third longest river in China with a length of more than 2,000 kilometers. Book Cheap Guangzhou flights with to experience the charm of the place.

Yuexiu Park: Yuexiu Park is a recognized science spots in the city, showcasing cultural and ecological landscape. The name of the park is derived from the hill where it is constructed. Flights to Guangzhou from London are just a call away from you at

Shamian Island: Shamian Island, located in the Liwan District is a sandbank island. It houses several historical buildings. Right from 18 centuries till now this island plays a vital role in countries foreign trade.

When to go?

Book Last Minute Flights to Guangzhou as the city is beautiful all throughout the year, the climate of the city is typical subtropical with a moderate temperature. The summers last for more than five months, starting from late May to early November. During this course the temperature of the city ranges from 25-36 degree Celsius. Summer is followed by autumn which is regarded as the best season of the city and last from November to mid December. Winters in the city last form late December to mid February, winter makes this city a beautiful place with lots of flowers. Direct flights to Guangzhou booked from are the simplest way to accomplish your journey.

What's on?

Guangzhou flights have many things to offer you, this tremendous city is full of entertainment, excitement, events and everything which is searched by a tourist for a refreshing tour.

Relish Local Cuisine: If you like to try different food and flavor than Guangzhou is the right place for you. You will love the unique food of the city.

Cantonese Opera (Yue Ju): This mind blowing dialogue and singing is a landmark of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macau. The voice rise and fall in every changing rhyme sounds pleasant to the ears. Chang Long International Circus.

This international circus is a must watch show, it includes the dancing water show, animal circus and performance of great dancers. Cheap flights to Guangzhou is all you need to enjoy this exciting circus.

What to do?

The local people of the city are civilized and liberal. The mode of transport in the city is metro, taxi, railway and bus. Tourists who are accomplishing their London to Guangzhou journey for the first time may require the need of bargain. Metro are the fast option to accomplish to move from place to another. There are nine metro line connection one portion of city to another. Book your stay and pick up while booking London to Guangzhou flights with


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