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Flights to Kathmandu will show you the capital city of Nepal and the largest city of the country. It is the melting point of the devastating culture, ancient temples and amazing natural beauty.  The immaculate art and tradition of the country is still alive in the hands of the locals and can be seen in the form of handicrafts, carpets and Nepali paper prints. To experience the soul of the city see the Monkey temple of the city, join mountain trekking in the Thamel District, try fine cuisine and finally mingle with the locals of the city. To see all this, all you need is to book Kathmandu flights. It is the hub of Buddhist and Hindu religion can be seen in the architect of the temples, sacred places and ancient building. The simplest way to reach this city of breathtaking tourist spot is book cheap flights to Kathmandu from is helping people to explore the raw beauty of the Kathmandu for decades. The services and packages offered by the company binds its customer to book London to Kathmandu flights again and again. We not only help travels to crack Cheap Kathmandu flights, but also take care of the stay, travelling insurance and airport pickup. 


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Why go?

A trip from London to Kathmandu will gift you, never lasting memories of Great Mountains, greenery and White- Water River. The local of the Nepal are blessed with diamond heart- always ready to help. A few of the must visit places of the city when in Kathmandu are:

NATIONAL MUSEUM: Constructed with a distinctive architectural style, the National Museum of the city depicts the timeline of real Nepalese life. Build in 1819; it houses some of the largest displays of the weapon and art gallery showcasing the Buddhist art. Book Cheap Kathmandu flights from to enjoy the view of the National Museum. 

LUMBINI: Lumbini is known for the birth place of Buddha and so it serves as the sacred as well the natural heritage of the Kathmandu. It is listed among World Heritage site shows a monastic area to its visitors. The holy garden at the edge of Maya Devi Pond is the place where the Sacred Bodhi tree stands. Last Minute Flights to Kathmandu is available with to feel greenery of the Lumbini forest.

POKHARA: The immaculate view of the world’s highest mountain is simply awesome. The world Peace Pagoda offers relaxing view of the nearby city. And, if interested in knowing past of the city than- visit The Gurkha Museum, honoring famed soldiers of Nepal.

When to go?

The city is situated at an altitude of 4,297 so the temperature of the city is subtropical and mild during most of the time. The average temperature of the city ranges from 19°C to 27°C during summer while it drops down to 2°C to 20°C during winters. The summer last from May and August whereas winters from November and February. Monsoon knocks the bell of the city between June and August- average rainfall of the city is 7.8 to 14.7 inches. The best time to book Direct flights to Kathmandu depends on the activities you are looking forward in Nepal. 

What's on?

The mode of transfer use in Kathmandu is auto-rickshaw, cycle-rickshaw, Taxi, and Tempo. Auto-rickshaw provides atmospheric explore to travelers, so if you want to enjoy the outside view and crowd of the city auto-rickshaw is one for you. Taxi offers comfortable rides to the visitors. Tempos are the sort of auto-rickshaw which runs between certain routes. The best way to reach at your residence after landing from Flights to Kathmandu is to book airport pick up facility at the time of booking cheap flights to Kathmandu from

What to do?

Kathmandu is a sprawling city, offering lots of life, fun and adventures to its visitors. A few of the must try activity when in Kathmandu are; 

MOUNTAIN FLIGHTS: It provides an awesome opportunity to see the great Himalaya for those who aren’t a mountaineer. They also showcase several snow-covered Himalayan mountains. Catch cheap flights to Kathmandu from UK to enjoy mountain flights. 

Trekking: Trekking in Kathmandu gives you an opportunity to challenge the Everest. Trekking is open for the public year around except during July- August. To explore the rural villages of the mountain and teahouses book London to Kathmandu flights from

Rafting: Kathmandu flights offers Rivers of melted snow to enjoy rafting from the world's highest mountains. You can enjoy rafting from easy routes to charged whitewater rafting. So no matter whether you are beginner or Profession River rafter Kathmandu will offer you both.


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