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A travel from London to Lagos will take you to a city which is a principle part of Nigeria. And it is located near the southwestern Nigeria, on the Atlantic coast in the Gulf OF Guinea and vast lagoon. The city derived its name Lagos from the vast lagoon situated near it. It is famous for its immaculate music and nightlife. The avant-grade music of the Lagos emerged from the area around Yaba and Surulere but slowly and steadily it encircled the whole city. Logos are considered as the commercial and cultural center of the country along with the busiest and biggest port of the country. So, it is entitled as the international slave trade of the country. When you land from the flights to Lagos from London you will discover that when it comes to the tourism, the city offer some of the unique and memorable experience to its visitors. A few of the major tourist destination of the city are National Museum, National Theatre, several busy markets and decent beaches. The main economic aspects of the city are food processing, manufacturing metal product, textile, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, soap and furniture.

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Why go?

Direct flights to Lagos booked from the are the simplest way to accomplish your journey to the most populous city of Nigeria. The simplest answer to the question ‘why go?’ in this city are included:

Museums and Historic Sites: National treasures of the National Museum are a great opportunity to the visitors to have the look of the great culture and art of the country. Exhibition of the royal crowns and brass collection adds shine to the museum. There are a lot more things to see in the museum, which include full-size clay heads, animals and several other figures, most dating from 500 BC and 200 AD.

Arts and Theater: The pronounced art of the country is still alive in the National Theater, which offers both traditional and contemporary versions. The events held in this theater include dance, film and theatrical event. The artist of the theater offer countries most prominent performance.

Beaches: Victoria Island serves as the most famous beaches of the Lagos. There are lots of things to do here such as horse riding, picnics, beach football and sampling food or drink from the multitude of bars and eating establishments surrounding the area. To have a look of the pleasant beaches book Flights to Lagos with

Natural Sites: The Nigerian Conservation Foundation operates started in 1990 at the Lekki Conservation Centre provides an expertise and enormous travel experience to  its tourist which includes animals such as monkeys, exotic birds, native crocodiles and so forth. London to Lagos flights is available with Hoodaki all throughout the year.

When to go?

The weather of the Lagos is tropical wet and dry. The temperature of the city ranges between from 91°F (33°C) to 70°F (21°C). March is considered as the hottest month here with an average daytime temperature 84°F (29°C). The city experience rains during August and September, as well as between December and March. Cooler dry season is the best time to book Flights to Lagos.

What's on?

There are too many tourist attractions in Lagos. The city is blessed with some of the immaculate beaches, mind blowing cuisine, and comfortable hotels. The music of the city is so unique and mesmerizing that it will hypnotize tourist to book Lagos flights again and again. A few tourist attraction places of the city include Civic Center, Third Mainland Bridge, Badagry, National Museum, National Arts, and Theatre. You can also enjoy shopping at the Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki which is a sophisticated place to shop.  If you are done with visiting different tourist spot of the city do spend a few hours at Silverbird Cinema and Galleria, which is a one stop shopping center with all sorts of modern facilities. Book Cheap Lagos flights from and explore the city.

What to do?

Once you land from the Lagos flights, moving around the city has become much easier than previously. Now you can find street signals at almost every street corner and thus helping people to locate places and landmarks. The state government is spending a huge amount of the budget over the transport services and security. Bus, car, taxi, ferry and rail are commonly used by the locals to reach at their destination. Book Last Minute Flights to Logos and experience unique flavor of the planet. 


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