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An Alternate to the name Lahore could be ‘city of garden’ as it the first thing which will strike in your mind when you think of the city. The city is filled of green garden with well-known trees and lush grass. The whole city is enveloped by the fresh air. Cheap Lahore flights booked from are the way to enjoy this city. There are several tourist attractions in the city which cover numerous mosques, monuments, bazaars, evening musical programs and variety of lifestyle in the city. From your London to Lahore tour, you will come to know that each and every corner of the city is enriched by the history and architecture. Though the need of modernization routed it towards metropolis, but the aroma of rich historical heritage can be smelt in the city. Gawwali and Sufism music, narrates the Lahore love for music. If you are looking for the intellectual peace, than Flights to Lahore is one for you.

Trust for planning your London to Lahore tour. They have a wide range of option available to accomplish your travel covering cheapest to high profile. Catch Lahore Flights with full ease and security with us.

Why go?

Lahore houses several tourist destinations London to Lahore flights are available with all throughout the year. A few of the must visit tourist destination of the city are:

Shalamar Garden: Shalamar Garden or just the Shalimar Garden was built by the Shah Jahan and it took around one year to complete. Mughal architecture is visible in every corner of the garden. Catch last Minute Flights to Lahore from to view the beauty of the Shalamar Garden this weekend.

Badshahi Masjid: Great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir constructed this mosque in the year 1673.The entire mosque is built with Red Stone. It is one of the largest mosques of the world with an efficiency to accommodate around 100,000 people at a time. Flights to Lahore from London will take you to this place.

Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort): Shahi means luxury and Shahi Qila justify its name. It was built in 1631-32 by Asif Khan. Visitors can enjoy epic mirror work, marble fretwork, stucco tracery and splendiferous hall with several rooms on either side. Lahore flights are the way to visit this place.

When to go?

Lahore has a pleasant weather which welcomes tourist all throughout the year. Cheap Lahore flights are available with all throughout the year. The hottest month of Lahore is May and July the average temperature during this time reaches to 100’s which usually cool down to 70’s and 80’s. While December and January months are coolest month with an average temperature of around 40’s. 

What's on?

One cannot wrap up its  London to Lahore travel in a day because there is so much to see, so much to do and so much to take back home. A few of the must do things of the city are as follows:

Lahore Zoo Safari: It’s a good idea to spend your money on the variety of animals present inside the zoo. Flights to Lahore from London are available with

Anarkali Bazaar: Anarkali Bazaar is the favorite bazaar of the Lahore locals. It offers some of the great handicraft of Pakistan, locals which you cannot see anywhere across the world.

Al- Hammra Art Centre: This is a must visit place for those who value art. Polished artist perform here to show the rich tradition of the country. 

What to do?

On landing from the Direct flights to Lahore, you will come to know that this city serves people to reach at their destination 24x7.  Public transportation in Lahore includes buses, taxis, trains, auto rickshaws and even horse drawn tongas. Buses, taxis run on compressed natural gas so as to reduce the pollution. Public transports are cheap as compare to other western country.


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