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Flights to St Lucia take you to the beautifully island. Situated between the Martinique and St Vincent, it is the dreamland for nature lovers. St Lucia has it all, whether you’re after romantic trip, rejuvenating tour, adventurous ride or family holiday. Palm-fringed beaches, genuine landscape, majestic Piton Mountains, endless waterfalls attract tourist from all over the world. One can easily pinpoint the influences of African, Indian, Caribbean, British, Spanish and French culture over the island. And because of that only diversity is promised at St Lucia Island IN landscape, cuisine and culture. A plenty of water sports such as scuba diving, Kiteboarding and windsurfing awaits you, so book Direct flights to St Lucia from and see the true colors of life. offers cheap flights to St Lucia so that you can plan, budget travel to St Lucia and save while to tour. Also get a hotel accommodation, pick up and travel insurance to simply your London to St Lucia travel. 

Why go?

Saint Lucia is among the unhampered natural beauty with several mountains to climb, Marine life to explore, beaches to relax, forests to discover. A few of the must do activity after abording from St Lucia flights are as follows:

Exciting water sports: Deep Ocean of the St Lucia invites water sports lovers from different corner of the world. It is good for scuba diving, Kiteboarding and windsurfing. Catch Last Minute Flights to St Lucia from to be the eyewitness of the amazing beauty.

Mouthwatering Food: The food offered at St Lucia exceeds the gastronomic expectation of the visitors by offering a wide variety food. Most restaurants on the island serve free view of the island with exotic food. Ease your journey by booking London to St Lucia flights from

Rejuvenating Spa: The best way to relax your body and mind is to get a rejuvenating spa and you won’t regret choosing St. Lucia for spas. Enjoy lavish spa by booking cheap flights to St. Lucia.

When to go?

The weather of Lucia is moderate and warm throughout the year. The average high temperature of the island is 84 degrees, whereas average low temperature touches 68 degrees. June-December month is known for higher humidity and more rainfall. January and June are the best season for booking cheap flights to St Lucia from UK of the island.

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What's on?

St Lucia is a perfect holiday destination, as it offers you the cocktail of adventure, fun and natural beauty. Whether you are going on a romantic date or on a family holiday, this beautiful island embraces with a warm heart. Pleasant weather, stunning view, lush rainforest, sandy beaches makes your London to St Lucia travel equal to London to Paradise. 

The Pitons: The Pitons, formed about 3 lack years ago by the volcanic activity  is a peak and prime topographic feature. 

Anse Chastanet Marine National Park: It shows vast marine life to the divers, including sea sponges, marine coral, sea animals, and several varieties of fish. Flights to St Lucia from London are available throughout the year with a

Diamond Botanical Gardens, Waterfall & Mineral Baths, Soufrière Estate: It offers three in one view to its visitors: mineral deposit waterfall, beautiful gardens and hot spring bath.

What to do?

Visitors can enjoy St. Lucia small coastal villages, beaches with local plantation, and beautiful; lush rainforest via Rental Car, Taxis, Buses and Ferry. The simplest way to reach at your accommodation is to get hotel pick up facility from Thus ease your journey after landing from London to St Lucia flights with the services of


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