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Tokyo flights booked from are the most convenient way to reach the capital of Japan. This city is the center of Greater Tokyo Area and the most populous metropolitan area in the world. It lies in the Kanto region on southeastern side of main island Honshu and includes Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands.

Direct flights to Tokyo, will take you to the city which shines with its traditional culture and passion for new things. The city has a characterizing quality about it, as in it is always blooming with new fads and bristling with crowd of people who are passionate with one or other thing. Cheap Tokyo flights booked from will showcase some of the mind-blowing cuisine that shows in its overflowing number of restaurants. As you to go out to dine, you would found the top food – sushi and kaiseki, Japan’s famous traditional haute cuisine the next. Last Minute Flights to Tokyo will help you spend your weekends in the dreamland of Japan.

Another mesmerizing facet of visiting Tokyo is its jaw dropping markets where you can shop till you drop. 

Why go?

Have a look of the most passionate people of the world by booking cheap flights to Tokyo from UK. Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo engineering marvel, has become a new landmark for the city and the surrounding Kanto area. Mount at its observing deck and gaze at the panorama all around, esp. Mt Fuji.

Book London to Tokyo flights and understand the Japanese art history by visiting the galleries and museums of the Tokyo city. Visit National Museum’s majestic building to find the largest collection of Japanese art. The building is built in imperial style and displays a fine blend of Western and Japanese architectural motifs.

Once you land from Flights to Tokyo don’t forget to visit Hara Museum, which is a mansion turned into art house that contains rotating exhibits and eye popping wonders. Explore the entire building and you will be amazed by its history. You can take free bus that runs between museum and Shinagawa every half an hour on Sundays.

Cheap flights to Tokyo will take you to the city where  secret love for Mother Nature harbor which can be unraveled at Ueno Koen, Tokyo’s oldest park. The main entrance to the park will lead you to museum area while other one to the temples. Walk in the shade of dense tree arcs and visit Kiyomizu Temple that is modeled just after Kiyomizu-dera.

When to go?

Flights to Tokyo from London will take you to a humid subtropical climate zone, and so, it has four different seasons.

Those landing from Tokyo flights in summers need to bears hot summers with little humidity, temperature ranges from 20’ to 30’ C where as winters are mild with temperature ranging from 0’ to 10’ C, but sometimes the city goes through cold spells with nights freezing below zero degrees. Rarely the city is hit by a snowstorm.

Sumo Wrestling Tournament is one traditional event of Tokyo which calls in for millions for tourists every year to visit this city. Before hitting the matches you can visit the Sumo museum and watch sumo related objects dating from Edo period. Thereafter enjoy the famous Chankonabe, a lip smacking stew, at local chanko restaurant.   

What's on?

Catch Cheap flights to Tokyo and know how shopping takes its own charm when it’s executed in the vibrant and colorful Tokyo. 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan is a mini shopping arcade located under JR tracks, where craftsmanship flourishes. The small group of shops here sells an eclectic mix of craft items. You can find pottery and wood products, and just everything that adorns living spaces.

If you are visiting Tokyo with your kids, then make a visit to Kiddyland, a multistory toy emporium where you can bag loads of character goods for your children.

For fashion clothing and accessories, walk straight to Okura. Okura looks like a simple rural house that houses stunning, original items. Surprising thing is, almost everything here is dyed indigo.

In case, you are visiting the city in around mid May, then don’t forget to attend Design Festa at Tokyo big Sight where a vast exhibition takes place with works from newcomer designers and artists. Plan your weekends from London to Tokyo and enjoy the immaculate city of Japan.

Other important and famous events which the city celebrates are Ganjitsu (at New Year), Emperor’s Birthday (on 23rd Dec), Hanami (from late-March to mid-April) and Sanja Matsuri (mid-May). Nippon Craft Beer Festival is one festive season that takes place in spring and autumn when the entire Tokyo comes alive.

What to do?

Once you land from Flights to Tokyo you will find there are two large airports in Tokyo: Narita airport for international flights and Haneda Airport for domestic flights.

Narita is located in town Narita, 70 kms northeast of Tokyo, whereas Haneda is located in Ota. From the airports, you can get Limousine buses that hop directly to major hotels. Tokyo is the centre of railway trains in Japan. Shinkansen is the high-speed railway service that arrives at Tokyo station. For northern route trains, you need to get off at Uneo. For western route, settle at Shinagawa.

Bus service in here is cheaper than other mode of transportations, but if you have a JR pass, then you must travel by trains only for the sake of convenience. There are a lot of terminals throughout the city where long distance buses stop.

As Tokyo is a great port, domestic ferry services are also available by which you can travel to new destinations and explore the city. The city has also an extensive subway network that runs frequent trains around within Yamanote loop. The efficient transport system of the city will make your London to Tokyo trip smooth and convenient. 

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